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    In recent years, mould industry rapid development, its region distribution

    In recent years, mould industry rapid development, its region distribution characteristics also increasingly forming. From the region distribution to see, in pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta and the fast development of anhui, etc.
    At present domestic popularity in anhui province has a group of high mould products, such as washing machines and air conditioner large chamber injection mold, refrigerator absorb plastic foam mold, motor stator laminated high-speed progressive die etc, some market share as much as 30% or more; Auto parts and inner decoration mould has stable for Shanghai Volkswagen new models development; Rubber tyre moulds is the domestic tyre enterprise approval; Standard mould, mould material base are forming.
    Guangdong is China now the main die market, and China's largest exports and imports of mould provinces. The national mold production value has more than 40% from guangdong province, and mould processing equipment to numerical control rate and equipment performance, mould processing technology, specialized production level and standards in other provinces and cities leading level.
    In the whole nation at present sort top 10 enterprises, guangdong has 5 home, the world's largest formwork suppliers and Asia's largest mould factory in guangdong.
    Along with the guangdong industrial structure was further optimized, petrochemical, automobile, high technology and so on many industry development in guangdong province are of the mold manufacturing raised taller requirement. The next few years guangdong mold manufacture will increasingly sophisticated, complex.
    Shanghai has more than 1500 mold enterprise, employees more than 70000 people, the annual production of nearly 10 billion yuan, annual average growth rate of over 20%. To 2010, total value of output will reach 20 billion yuan; Imports from 290 million now based on yuan 30% compression, will increase for industry 700 million yuan value, the export volume reached 130 million us dollars, and will increase the output value 600 million yuan for the industry.
    Shanghai mold and die industry will face six big industry and key industries, especially information (IT) industry and automobile industry and promoting the development of IT industry precision of mg alloy die casting die, precision injection mold; The auto sector covering mould, large parts die casting die, precision stamping multi-position into the mold. In 2010, 85% of the IT industry mould realize localization, auto mould realize localization of 90%.
    According to preliminary statistics, Shanghai production cars in stamping, plastic mold and die casting, nearly 70 industrial enterprises, the annual output of about 2 billion yuan, the private enterprise such as HuaZhuang, thousands Yi edge, abundant, mostly, the joint venture enterprise such as should realize the original, visteon, small there, taiwan-owned enterprise such as lianheng, macro xu li, and Taiwan are the annual output is in 50 million yuan of above, there are nearly seven enterprises of the annual output value of one hundred million yuan, individual enterprise annual growth rate of 100%, become main force of the Shanghai auto mould industry.
    Mould industry of zhejiang province mainly concentrated in ningbo and taizhou, ningbo of ninghai, yuyao, cixi and yinzhou mainly produces plastic mold, beilun to die casting die is given priority to, xiangshan and zhoushan in the casting and stamping mould give priority to. Taizhou mold production enterprise concentrated in the main huangyan and bridge, plastic mould majority.
    Zhejiang mould industry has some obvious characteristics. One is the mold production enterprise is almost a private enterprise; 2 it is relatively concentrated mold enterprise, has formed the mould market; Three is mould can meet different levels the needs of the user at the same time, a high level of mould fast development, and already have a large scale; 4 it is through multiple business, already emerge a group of high quality backbone key enterprise; Five is already natural form professional specialization, the main enterprise features; Six is mold industry development and surrounding areas for local industrial development role in boosting the obvious.
    Jiangsu suzhou there are all kinds of enterprise many 1000, mould processing centers more than 1000, mould with sales of about 5 billion ~ 6 billion yuan, mould industry become one of new industries.
    Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Germany, the Netherlands, the United States and China Taiwan, Hong Kong, joint venture, wholly owned by many, many private mould enterprise; Suzhou lampe casting, far light mould etc enterprise mainly produces automobile engine and hub, etc. Parts of die casting die and mold, kunshan cuhk formwork, kunshan precision mold the standard parts, and kunshan huaxing mould oriented items such as enterprise specialized in the production of various kinds of large formwork, mould orien


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