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    Sheet metal

    • Freezer liner baseplate line
    Freezer liner baseplate line

    Freezer liner baseplate line

    • Product description: Freezer liner baseplate line

    Production line dimensions(Reference): length X width =21000mmX3000mm

    Equipment working surface height: 900mm

    Product specifications: according to the requirements of the user's drawings (see the list of all parts of the workpiece drawings of the product size:

    Width: 360 ~ 600mm; Expansion length:  800 ~ 1500mm;

    Forming material: t=0.45 ~ 0.55mm; embossed aluminum

    production takt time: about 18 ~ 21 seconds / piece

    Working station: 7

    Power capacity: about 20Kw, 380V, 50Hz

    Air capacity: 0.4 ~ 0.7Mpa

    If the product drawings do not mark tolerance requirement,then the limitation of the tolerance follow the standard GB1804-m.

    Machine color: the overall color of the equipment is GB GY-07 cardamom green, warning sign is GB Y07 yellow.

    Delivery type: servo clamp

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